Anyone Growing Amnesia Haze Autos

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    Hey guys I have an Amnesia Haze Auto that I'm growing and was just looking for anyone else who may be growing the strain. I don't know much about it and I'm running several other strains along side of it. So far it is the shortest plant compared to most all my others which are twice its size, but it has the most dense buds coming in that I've seen so far. The trichs started showing much earlier than the rest also. I really haven't had many problems with it either like I have with some of the others. I've read the generic info about the strain but looking more so for someone who actually has hands on experience with it on here..

    The picture I'm posting doesn't even seem to do it justice and any info about the strain is welcomed (such as are they usually short and dense?, whats the smoke like? and about what is the usual grow time? etc)..This one is 48 days from seed..
    IMG_20170729_141331.jpg IMG_20170729_141339.jpg
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  2. I only know of 5-6 breeders that do this strain

    the smallest pheno being Sumo Seeds

    at about 400mm tall maybe 14 inches tall?

    whose ya breeder?
  3. Yea this one is about 16inches..purchased from ILGM.

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