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  1. HI, I won myself a AeroGarden Extra and decided to try and grow me some.  First time grower here but am using 5-11-26 fert for veg stage and have bud candy for the flowering stage.  The plants are not that big yet but to me they seem to be doing great on growing.  Have been working on bending them slowly so to keep them down and help control the growth and the direction they will grow.  So far looks real good to me.  Have plenty of room for them to grow taller just trying to stay on top of it.  The seeds im using are from some cronic stuff I got awhile back that had a few seeds in it but not many.  Cant tell you the name of them though.  Right now my area is extra dry and hard to find unless you want to spend 200 a quarter and I cant afford that so trying to grow me some of my own.  Said first time grower and I know I will make mistakes but would like any advice anyone can give me if they have grown in a AeroGarden before.  Here are a few pics of what my plants look like. Picture 53.jpg Picture 54.jpg Picture 55.jpg Picture 56.jpg  Thanks for any help out there and smoke a bowl for me while im only dreaming of it!!!!

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    My ex-girlfriend grew herbs and flowers in an aero garden. I have 1 important note for you if plant size is important. The far back-left plant always did fantastic and you could see a decline as the plants moved right and forward. I believe that is where the water dumped into the reservoir, making it the  most oxygenated. So I would keep your plants as close to that as possible.
    Oh, and if that's aluminum foil in the background, get rid of it.
  3. Thank you for your advice will keep an eye on that!!!
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    5 days since I scrog my aerogarden and it dropped my plants down by at least 4 inches in height so that helped a lot.   They seem to have recovered since I scrog them and seem to be doing real good to me.  several flowers on them.  looking better every day.  Fixing to raise the lights up another level in the next week. 
  5. I recently got 3 aerogardens to start seeds in before moving them to my dwc setup. I also plan to keep one plant in each areogarden. Glad to see it works well!
  6. <sup>Any Suggestions on how to get an Autoflower plant to get bigger before it goes into flowering???</sup>
    <sup>I have a auto bubble gum that is only around 3 inches tall and it is showing signs of going into budding.  Will she still get big to where she will produce a decent amount?  Or because she is so small should I just expect not to get very much off of her???</sup>

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