Anyone Grow Plants Halfway Just So They Can Dry Ice Hash It?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by subherbz, May 26, 2013.

  1. What i mean by this is i have some outdoor plants growing that i intend to finish.However i expect to be very broke in August so i was thinking  could plant 5 or 6 more plants that i harvest early for a few grams of dry ice hash to get me through until i harvest the good stuff in October.
    1.) Has anyone ever harvested early and made Dry ice hash out of the bud and trim?
    2.) will 5 or 6 plants harvested early get me enough keif? i think a half ounce to ounce of keif would last me till harvest?
    3.) if you guys have any thoughts about doing this better please let me know?

  2. if you harvest early the high will be much worse from what i have read. havent trried myself though. maybe try growing autoflower, you could have full buds 2.5months from now
  3. i did think about some autoflowers....maybe. You dont think the keif collected will be worth it? i imagine it  wouldnt be as potent as possible but wouldnt it still be pretty good? anyone ever try this?
  4. you would be much better off just growing a few auto's like the other guy said
  5. yeah harvesting early will decrease potency
  6. You would not get an amount that would be worth it.
  7. if your gonna harvest earlt, why not just take a bunch of trimmings from your plant and use those to make your hash?​
     the plants would likely love the haircut as it would get more light to the bud sites and hopefully get you more buds. just a thought. a lot of the videos I have seen use all the waste material souly anyways.​

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