Anyone grow in their dorm?

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by smokiedabear33, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Has anyone grown in their dorm room or school apartment? How did you deal with the spicy fragrance?
  2. hahahaha

    i don't think anyone would be that dumb

    i could be wrong though
  3. Hah I'm about to be that dumb but I'm in more of an apartment with kitchen and shit so I think I can pull it off
  4. ive done it...please dear god if your gonna do it expect a wild ride and go as steallthy as possible. Look at the mrgrowpro cases thats what im using and they could even work in a dorm. Keep in mind if you havent grown before or dont understand that weed stinks dont do it. The punishment for getting caught is bad but at school its even worse. If your dead set on doing it make sure you have the money to spend to make it completely stealthy.

    My recommendations are go with a low smell strains like NL invest in some ONA gel and make sure you have some where to store all of your supplies. Does maintence come in room checks RAs?? All things to consider.
  5. oh and let me mention i would never do it again...
  6. Depends what you mean by 'dorm'. The dorm I had was essentially like a tiny apartment without a stove. You could definitely grow in there if you did an amazing job with odor control and stealthiness.

    The typical dorm where two or more people share an individual room: that would be very risky. I would never do that. The smell would definitely find its way into the hall (especially when you open the case to water, trim, etc.).

    The penalties for getting caught on campus would most likely be pretty horrific. It shouldn't be like that... but it is. :(
  7. Yea I can afford a pretty good odor control system, I'm just not sure of what exactly would be best. And to bong, it is 4 bedrooms with living room and kitchen. So no real "roommate" have 2 doors and about 10 feet before the hallway
  8. Bad bad bad bad idea.
  9. If you were smart about it (open the case as rarely as possible, use lots of air freshener, etc) I bet you could make it work.

    Just don't slack off and get sloppy. The cops ain't no joke. Damn police state up in here.
  10. You know whats a bad idea? Funding cartels. I find it hard to ever think growing ones own is a bad idea, but their are times when stealth can't be compromised .1%. Much setup and testing with no green growing before you give it a grow is my main recommendation. A just add water soil grow is what you want IMO too. And remember, the lower you can keep the temps in the room the micro grow is in, the more you can restrict the airflow from the grow, and the less smell is an issue, and the happier your plants will be and the more, better bud you'll get. Temp is almost always where to start making sure you're tits on. I've seen a mrgrowpro grow box get looked right over by campus security during a fire extinguisher check. Having your lights on when sleeping is best. Cooler temps, and completely off when people are awake/around it. Just my 2 cents.

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