Anyone grow Haze Xtreme?

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  1. Hi, has anybody here grown Haze Xtreme inside? I planted some regular haze xtreme seeds back in august got rid of the males and was left with two females but I was not around much so I had to keep lights higher than they should have been. The girls stretched to over 6' high and took forever to flower and bud I did eventually get a decent harvest of very airy buds from one plant the other did not bud but the leaves and stems were full of trichromes so I used that for making eatables. Finally to my question, when I posted my stretching problem here someone suggested that I should have used the SCROG method so took a cutting and tried it. The clone grew like a weed so I switched to 12-12 December 1st and the clone keep growing and growing same as before with no real bud production. The screen is 2' x 4', the plant you see on the right is a girl scout haze cookies which was put into the flowering room January 7th and its doing fine. Is this normal for haze xtreme or is there something that I am doing seriously wrong? DSC07385.JPG DSC07387.JPG
  2. Wow what a sativa. Try 10 hours light 14 dark and she may bud up for ya

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  3. Thanks will give it a try, I got white widow, girl scout haze cookies and Acapulco gold in the same room should I assume this light change will also work for these girls as well?
  4. How far along are the other gals? If you cant isolate the xtreme it maybe the best bet. At least they all will flower. Whats the flower time on that xtreme it may bud forever!
  5. The white widow and Acapulco gold were just in the room a few days and the girl scout haze cookies should be ready to harvest in about 3 weeks. The listed flowering time for haze xtreme is 8-10 weeks. Isolating the haze would be very difficult.
  6. It should be fine. With 2 strong sativas xtreme and ag it will do both of them justice. The cookies is almost done so shouldnt affect it much . the only 1 would be maybe the widow would lose the couple extra hours of light per day but with the 2 strong sativas in the room i def would run it 10-14. Heck maybe try 11-13 first to see if it gets her goin
  7. Thanks, its been almost two months since I changed to 10-14 and not a whole lot of change to the haze, and still no trichromes I guess this plant will be used for eatables as well. attached is a picture of the haze today as well as a picture of the top cola of the Acapulco gold. The Gold is doing fine and should be ready in a couple of weeks, the haze who knows when. DSC07445.JPG DSC07445.JPG DSC07447.JPG

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