Anyone Got Pics Of There Cars???

Discussion in 'General' started by pothead4life420, May 11, 2003.

  1. Heres mine hope it works!!

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  2. What does it have besides the body kit?
  3. [​IMG]

    heres my big rusty baby
  4. What's a car?..whats in a word? LETTER HAHAHAH, Man I love that orange and white van!

  5. me to lol
  6. yeah you gotta love them old vee dubs!
    i'll try and get a pic of it recently got new crome hub-caps, a new wheel cover and a old-skool style roof rack :p

    plus i had half the bodywork restored since that photo
  7. Check out my van. Well no it's not my van. But a guy can dream.. I can't find a pic of my van. It's a 2 tone (light blue top dark blue bottom) '89 Astrovan LT, gotta 350 v8 in it. SHHHHH the insurance company doesn't know...
    But here's the van I wish I had.

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  8. thats a very cool van!
  9. Here's My Capri Before It Became A Write Off *OOps* It's a Classic :) i miss my baby:(.

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  10. Friend took a Picture of my truck its much better looking when i dont take it offroading lol. I took the Grill off of it

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  11. I love your car, I want it!
  12. I can't see driving a car with ground effects on it.. it seems like you would scrape it on the ground alllll the time. Like.. "oh my god a speed bump.. turn around", ya know?
  13. Exactly look at me truck; no scraping there :)
  14. i got a 2000 jeep grand chero. lerado, its "patriotic blue" its cool i like it, my good friend is getting one of those busses, but it is white and light purple, hes gonna paint it dark green tho, its gonna be phat
  15. No one likes my truck :(

  16. Nice truck looks like a mean fuck wouldn't mind having a go in one of them.
  17. we go off roading in trucks like that all the time, my ex had 2 they are fun as fuck
    mad props to you too, thats a phat truck i can tell you have put alot into it
  18. dude great bug!
  19. i just got a subaru wrx

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