Anyone got any tips on raising humidity

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  1. This is my first winter grow and I can't get my humidity above 31% My temps are good at 75 degrees with lights on and 65 degrees with lights out. I'm currently in week 3 of flower. I should mention I'm growing in a 4'x4' tent with 600w light and 400cfm exhausted into attic. I've tried hanging wet towels in the tent, plus putting a big bowl of water on the floor. I just can't get the humidity above 31% I really don't want to invest in a humidifier. Hoping some of you guys out there have some tricks to raise humidity, so lets hear it guys.

  2. Cool must humidifier....crane makes a tear drop looking humidifier for great

    Took mine from 24% to 36% in 24 hours.....dry climates suck
  3. If buying something is out of the question then try the towel and bowl together.

    Fill the bowl with water and hang the towel so it's in the water, it will act like a wick and the water will move up into the towel. If you can put it so a fan is blowing on the towel or near your intake vents that will increase your evaporation rate from the towel.

    Your real problem may be your rate of air replacement in your tent combined with dry ambient air. Your tent is 4x4, if it's also 4' tall then you have 64CF in the tent and if your fan is say pulling at half capacity you are replacing all the air in the tent every 20seconds so if it's running at full capacity your replacing in less than 10seconds. As long as your intake air is dry I don't know if you'll be able to keep your humidity level up.
  4. Why would you want to increase your humidity during flowering? Trying to get some mold? I have heard that the lower the humidity during flowering the more resin the plant will produce to minimize transpiring.

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