Anyone got any ideas of poems for the Vietnam war?

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  1. That was a serious war... anyone have a good one on it
  2. (Epic poem)

    Hmmmm maybe write it form a young soldier's prospective. He joins the army because he has no future for himself. He gets shipped to 'Nam and doesn't take it seriously. He tries weed, has an affair with a Vietnam girl, and laughs at the death of an enemy fighter.

    Everything seems okay and he's confused at why so many guys want out.

    Then his best friend is killed. That night, since he's still in a daze from his friend's death, he tries heroine. There's a suprise attack on his unit. He's barely able to fight. He makes some terrible mistake that shows the enemy his unit's position. Somehow, in a daze he escapes. The rest of his unit is killed.

    He awakes the next morning in a field. He passed out. The enemy took him for dead and left him. The rest of his unit is dead and is laying around him.

    He's angry, terrified, and hopeless. He starts walking forward in the jungles. He has no idea where he is. He doesn't even care. He walks unexpectedly into a small enemy camp. The guys there take him in as a prisoner of war.

    He meets an enemy fighter at the camp. He takes a lot pf physical abuse from him. The enemy pulls out a picture. It's of his best friend who died, the same friend our main character laughted at when he died in the beginning of the poem. The enemy soldier beats our character to death with his rifle.

    Somewhere out there, the Vietnam girl is pregnant.

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