Anyone got any good trance? :)

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by buffEt, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. I need more haha. I've exhausted all my ATB, Tiesto, and Benny Benassi. Anyone wanna toss me some artists/songs? :D
  2. armin van burren !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    much better than tiesto in my opinion, tiesto sucked at rave on the rocks this year
  3. Tiesto, hands down. look up a live jam called exstacy
  4. Look up some tracks by Paul Oakenfold and Infected Mushroom.
  5. no offesnse to anyone


    i really dont know what it is, i even saw him live, still hated him lol

    just please dont vote for him in the dj mag top 100 dj's......i think he has won one to many times
  6. ok....Benny Benassi isnt trance, tiesto and avb are good if your trying to go to sleep or your faded......peace:D

    and tiesto is a douche anyways
  7. I have 4GB of it. What do you need?

  8. listen to some markus shulz, armin van buuren, mike shiver, gabriel & dresden, deadmau5!!!! all those artists are great.
  9. infected mushroom
  10. I like to browse through torrent sites whenever I need some new techno to listen to. Theres so much there you can find, some of it is just meh but Ive found some fucking sick techno on torrent sites.
  11. armin van buuren
    paul oakenfold
    infected mushroom
  12. I was gunna say shh... torrents are illegal!

    But then again so is weed.. :p

    Chicane is great, as well as Cafe Del Mar, Wax Poetic, Sasha and Digweed, Roger Sanchez, and BT.
  14. Not really sure if it counts as trance, but Isolated by Chiasm trips me right the fuck out when I listen to it while baked.
  15. ferry corsten, airscape, art of trance, Binary Finary, BT, Chicane, Cosmic Gate, Fire & Ice, Gouryella, Micro de Govia, NU NRG, Paul Van Dyk, Push, Solarstone, Vincent de Moor.

    Those are some of my fav's

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