Anyone got an opinion on when these will be done?

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  1. 9 weeks in.
    Auto Frisian Dew (First 4) and Auto Blueberry Kush (Last 5)

  2. you should push for 90 days total
  3. Interesting.
    I have not heard that, but I would be pumped if my plants still had 30 days of growth in them.
    The colas are already looking pretty big, not sure if they'll go that long before being ready but I hope so.
    Thanks for the input
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    woops, I meant 80 days (seed to finish). sorry bud
  5. Cool thanks,
    I'll keep an eye on them.
  6. Wow it looks good though.
  7. Thanks, definitely the best result I've had yet.
    You should smell the blueberry, it's so sweet and when you smell it you have the odor stuck in your nose everywhere you go for the next 5 minutes it's crazy.
  8. Very few weed pictures have me salivating, haha. It has such a strange name too, frisian dew. Seems like the color contrast makes it easier to get the leaves off.
    I'd love to taste the smoke off that baby!
  9. Haha yeah the name is what really got me too.
    Will definitely let you know how it smokes!
  10. Make sure to defiantly post your dry yeild when you do cut em
  11. It's named Frisian dew after Frisia, a region in Germany. The cured herb has a very distinctive aroma, almost menthol. Also quite mold resistant. Great looking buds!

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