Anyone got a Sky Bong?

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  1. ive had my bong for a good year now and i still love it as much as i did the day i bought it. Its about a footer, it glass on glass, it has an icecube catcher, and a design that says sky on it. I was just wondering if anyone has one and could describe it because ive looked up online and i cant find this brand anywhere( i got mine from a local shop in the windy city).
  2. I used to own a 3 1/2 foot one we called the SKYSCRAPER, I don't know if they still make Sky bongs anymore though, they might have been one of the companies that got shut down with Operation Pipe Dreams
  3. I have a glass on glass bong from Sky glass in Oregon. Im not sure if its the same company your talking about b/c theres no logo on mine, just a phat 3d shroom and a giant marble with pepe le pews face in it
  4. mine had one of those sick 3D mushrooms on it too, it also had an "S" logo somewhere on the bong
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    What's up, this is Rafael from Sky Glass. Our pieces don't usually say Sky on them, they have an S on them somewhere like Mean Streak said, but other than that what you describe totally sounds like one of ours. Right now our main outlet in Chicago is Adam's Apple at 6229 N. California Ave.

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    Nope, we scraped by somehow :D and now are doing our best to make it through the recession, too. Ask your local headshop for SkyGlass!
  7. i have one of the little 1ft that has the marble with the skull on it. i can say that i love it.
  8. Aww yeah. We call that one "The Jimmy".

  9. ive bought 3 from marleys tobacco in florida and a few 4 footers my favorite.
  10. I have a sky 1 foot bong with a mushroom and 19mm female. Also had the S at the base of the tube. Got it for $20 because it had a small crack that was hardly noticeable. unfortunately im a retard and kicked it over one day and it broke but luckily right at the base of the tube so i epoxied it back together and she works and doesn't look terrible.


  11. Nice. I'll let Marley's know you mentioned them!
  12. The poor hurt Jimmy! Nice repair work.

    We've moved to all glass on glass fittings now, but we still offer the old grometted hardware since a lot of heads seem to still prefer it. It's really up to the shop, but we're happy to do custom work, ask them to call us up.

    We have a (under construction) facebook fan page! Feel free to fan up, upload pics, whatever.

    AND: MySpace!
  13. i dont personally have one, but Dragon's breath in Tyler,tx as a fairly large selection of skyglass. i love you guy's work, keep it up. although im sad to say ive only seen 1 straight tube, all the ones they have at my local shop are bubble bottomed.
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    Thank you!

    Yeah, we love Dragon's Breath! They've got a sister store in Bedford, TX, that also carries a lot of our tubes.

    We mainly do bubble bottoms, although the Binger, our fumed beaker-base 20 incher, is one of our most popular models.

    We also do a clear version of the Binger, and one with a teardrop bubble before the flat bottom that I really like, we can do clear or fumed.
    Also, one of the more recent custom pieces we did was a 4 footer straight tube, it turned out really nicely.
  15. cloud 9 in san luis obispo, ca has a great selection of sky glass. thats where i got mine
  16. We just sent a big order out to Cloud 9 a couple days ago, they should have about 18 new pieces in right now. Those guys are rad.

  17. kk,im gonna go buy a jimmy similar to the one in that pic but it has 3 mushrooms.and can the rubber gromet be removed for cleaning bcus ive tried and hav had no luck?
  18. Awesome, those mushroom clusters are sick. Like I said, most of our new pieces are now fully glass on glass, but if you prefer oldschool rubberized you're in with a good crowd of heads. It looks like Marley's got all glass on glass their last few shipments, but if you ask them to special order the old 15/18 model we can get one out to them quick.

    It's tough to get those grommets off I know. Soapy water can help. You can also just cut if off and contact us or one of our outlets for a replacement.
  19. Do you do business in canada ? those 4 footers(?) are sweet would love to pick one up :D:smoking:

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