Anyone got a job?

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  1. I feel like I am one of the only ones around here without a job. I am having a really difficult time even getting just an interview. How did you guys get the job you have now? Did you get lucky and just get a call one day from a place you applied at? Did you follow up and get an interview over the phone? I am desperate for help finding a job.
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    you must follow up. no one has ever gotten a job without following up. just nag the fuck out of them until you get an interview. thats what i did to get all of the jobs ive ever had.

    places with help wanted signs are always promising. also fastfood. but i would rather not have a job than work at a shitty place like Mc-E Dees
  3. my sister told me jamba juice will hire just about anyone. idk if you live near one but its worth a shit. just go around to stores grabbing apps and submit it to everywhere. then follow up as much as possible
  4. my advice

    follow up.
    lower standards
    dress nice business causual
  5. Of coarse I got a job, how else would I pay for all the bud I smoke!
  6. No job here I just smoke weed all day and my mom makes me sandwiches while I play xbox and shit. She gives me 20 bucks a week for food but I buy weed. Never had a job, I'm livin the dream.

  7. Dude now with so many people outta jobs and are looking for work, it's by luck u get one really, he'll people with college degrees are having a hard time looking for jobs, I got into my job cause my friend got me in to where he worked
  8. Try looking online... looked for a job for like, 5 months but couldnt find one. Finally got one through craigslist haha
  9. Going to school to become a Pharmacy Tech next year. Worked some blue-collar jobs for a while, and though you make good money, it can and will destroy your body and your spirit. Long, hard hours. Just not for me.

    On topic though, I am currently looking for a temporary job, but I cannot start applying until I recover from the whiplash I got from the accident. My back hurts like a motherfucker and I'm pretty much confined to my bed until I see my doctor this week.:(
  10. Look on Craigslist homie, under part time or food industry you'll surely find something!
  11. Fake it til you make it
  12. Jobs are for animals. Do somethig illegal and earn your money bro.
  13. Every 14 year old in the world is envious.
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    My thought too. Having to live with the rents and only $20 a week seems pretty damn dismal to me.
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    Hell, come to think of it $20 a week wouldnt even cover my weed cost, if I could find any.

    To the op, as someone else said be sure to follow up. There was one place I really wanted to work when I was younger. Every time they would put a now hiring sign up, I would fill out an app. After the third time I actually went in, asked for a manager, and explained how much I wanted to work for them. Got hired that night.

    Now, there is such a thing as TOO much following up. We had this girl living next to us that applied for a job at the same place my wife works. She called the managers there once an hour for about 4 days, no lie. They thought she was freaking psycho, and basically ended up telling her they weren't hiring, even though they are almost always hiring.

  16. That isn't no dream man, that's horrible. Hell I'd hate only smoking a 20 sack a week. On average I smoke about 1/4oz a week and still get to chill at home and play Xbox just like you... also I have food to eat, unlike you, because you blow your whole $20 on bud. Bro get a job, you wont regret it.
  17. Dude... You completely missed that :rolleyes: that he put after the post. :laughing:

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