Anyone good with headphones?

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    If so, are these any good?

    • Type : 15mm Drivers
    • 1kHz Sensitivity : 102 dB
    • Impedance : 32 Ohms
    • Plug : 3.5 Stereo
    • Cord : 0.5m + 1m extension

    theyre $38 at a local store :)

  2. cant comment on in ear buds, however i much prefer my on ear cans, sutch good sound!
  3. Yeah I don't really like cans, theyre just not for me. Thanks for the input though.
  4. From the look of them no.
    Get the ones with a little rubber bit that sticks in your ears, they are infinitely better. Something like the Sennheiser CX300 or CX300-II
  5. 15mm driver is nothing that means that the bass isnt that good my head phones are 40mm driver
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    yeah man you want in ears if you want plugs they deffinatley make the bass sound alot better and block other sounds from the outside so it's purely the music your ears are focused on :p i suggest Skullcandy .. well known and well good ;)

    i have skullcandy's myself but prefer the daddy sound so i've got these as opposed to these

    either way yours don't have to be purple .. i just had to have them that way :p

    EDIT: Oh.. and they wereee... 24 quid from hmv ... the in ear plugs will obviously be cheaper .. good for the money though :)
  7. I had those In-ear SkullCandy ones (called Smokin Buds actually), they were good, but the Sennheisers are better.
    Skullcandys come in rasta flavour though.
  8. Buds just fail. No bass response and if there is it pretty much acts like a gate to everything else.
  9. Earbuds don't have enough space in them to have any decent sort of bass response compared to a good pair of cans.

    A more useful statistic if you're looking for input would be the frequency range.
  10. thanks for all the replies guys, i really appreciate it

    it looks like I wont be able to afford them anyway, spent my last money on six tall boys and a captain morgans, for a night chilling and fishing with my friends, haha.

    I'm fucked up, it was money well spent.

    Thanks anyway guys. :)
  11. [​IMG]
    i got these haha, well worth the $250 that i bought them for 2 years ago, they seriously make everything sound amazing.
  12. I got Sennheiser px200,they are awesome.
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  13. basically all ear buds are inferior to real headphones.

    its pretty simple, the more you spend, the better quality your gonna get.
    i invested in a Bose QC2. they are about $250 but the sound quality is superb and it blocks out all other sounds.

    my advice is to invest a little bit in some good headphones and just take care of them.
  14. i rep these bad boys


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