anyone good with electrics?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brian8472, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. i got the ballast its got all these wires and shit i got the light and a 3 prong cord anyone have any experience with this? also wondering if i can hook up more then one light to the same ballast its a small 150 watt pretty big bulb tho think i could grow 2 -3 plants with it?
  2. Can you make a picture of all what you have? Makes it a lot easier to explain...
  3. ok i got it working i just need to know 2 more things:

    is the ballast sposed to give off tons of heat? and,

    my light isnt very very hot it does heat up my room but when i put my hand close its not as hot as my old lil one, did i fuck up the installation or somthing?
  4. does it look o.k.....if so then you did it fine, if an HPS isn't wired right it simply doesn't fire up...........have you made sure that the bulb wattage matches the ballast wattage.........i.e. a 150w bulb..........and i don't think you can run 2 bulbs from one ballast.........and yes the ballast gets hot, a lot of growers keep the ballast outside the growroom.........Peace out..........Sid

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