Anyone good with 12 Volt circuits?

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  1. Hey guys. I just ordered LED lights for my car interior. I got a switch from a van at a junkyard, has 3 settings. Hi Lo and off. What I would like to do, is have 2 lights hooked up to this switch. The LO setting would power one LED, and the HI setting would power both up.

    I am pretty good with basic circuits, I've messed around lots with 12V doing custom wiring in my car, but I've never used a switch like this. Anybody know how it can be done?

    Here's a simple diagram I drew up of the switch/my setup. Sorry, I don't know all the proper symbols...


  2. What a bout a diode?! I'm sitting here all high, listening to my music, thinking about the word LED light emitting diode. Then I though about a diode and remembered it allows current to pass through in one direction only.

    Would this work?

  3. well your car should have a terminal on one of the sides of the firewall (varys on vehicle) that looks like bolt and is connected straight to the battery and is used as a post to attach all aftermarket things that run on 12v. if you don't have this post just hook up straight to the positive post on the battery. hook the pos line from the switch to the power supply. those switches are designed to run multiple lights at the same time on both settings, if you just want one to run on low and both to run on high attach the one light to only the low part, attach the other to both the low and high and sauder the two wires to a single wire to go to the light, then just attach your ground as u usually would
  4. lol there you go, yes it will work
  5. Haha thanks!
  6. Isn't the diode in that circuit unnecessary, since the LED itself is a diode?

    edit: ohhh I figured it out. Looks good to me!

  7. Let's just power every new circuit directly off of the battery with no fuse so we can have fires and sloppy ass wiring. Yay! At least properly splice into fused power at the fuse box. I would power them both up with 12v key on and then switch the grounds with the switch.
  8. use an inline fuse:rolleyes:
  9. an inline fuse wont fuck u over on ur manufacturers warranty if you have one and splicing the fuse box will unless you buy a 1 to 2 fuse adapter
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    Guys, it's an 88 accord. I'm pretty sure my warranty is up lol. Last time I blew an in line fuse, I replaced it with a piece of stiff wire. I don't have time to blow fuses... Haha

    but just an update, I wired up the switch last night, (I don't have the LEDs yet, but I tested it with festoon tube bulbs.) works great! I ended up just soldering the diode directly onto the switch. I will update with a pic later

    Here's the switch:



    Wired both sides of the switch for a total of four lights. 2 per side.
  11. To clarify, when I wire it up permanently, I will be running from the positive wire for my amp, which I'm not using. But it's fused...

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