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Anyone gonna toke at 12:00?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gerg:), Apr 20, 2010.

  1. I got some ceremony to go to tomorrow (4/20) like right after school, so i don't wanna toke after school, or before school because i don't wanna come to school high. So, i'm going to be toking up at 12:00 (about 50 minutes from now for me) and i thought i'd write this now before i'm blitzed and see if anyone else is doing what i'm doing.

    Also, thought i'd share this with y'all: [ame=]YouTube - John Kerr - Mornings With Mary (Prod J. Frank) {420 Wake & Bake Song}[/ame]
    this song is crazy good and i'm pretty sure it's by someone from the forums here so i just wanted to say nice work. What really gets me is that he did it himself, but it still sounds great unlike other things people do themselves and it is just complete crap.

    Well, happy toking

    Also also, post what you're gonna be lighting up on 4/20.
  2. I'm gonna toke at midnight, 4/20 AM, and 4/20 PM. Gonna be siick.
    But it's raining here, so our huge 4/20 festival might be a bust. :[

    Awesome song though.
  3. I'm game. Packing the bowl in advanced right now.
  4. Already started broha :smoking:
  5. We have 2 more :bongin:
  6. Im in, only 2 hours to go for me
  7. t- 5 down man. gonna load up a fat GB
  8. hahaha I packed a bowl early.. and decided to smoke it early
    oh well. another bowl at 12 sounds good :smoke:
  9. Toasted as we speak :poke:
  10. Already smoked and not because its 420. Its because I get out of work at midnight

    NOT going to smoke tomorrow untill 11 when i get out of work. I think 420 is really over rated. Everyday is a 420 for me. Sense I smoke everyday.
  11. #11 hendrixman, Apr 20, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 20, 2010
    blazed a joint of kush already

    edit (12 pm) big ass one hitter out of my bong when the clock hit 12

    take it easy blades
  12. Blazed already lol but Ima toke again in 2 minutes, then it'll be 420.
  13. lol but it's just the tradition that brings us more together for weed smoking that day, see we got discounts, everyone's gettin bought of out of weed and danked together more then usual. It's like christmas. :smoking: A holidayyy my brothaaaa
  14. haha felt kind of like new years
  15. Already done. :) :bongin:

    Smoke it up and stay safe. Happy 420 :smoking:
  16. Yuuuuuup two hours then I'm get blazed
  17. Lit two blunts up at 12. Twas nice. :smoking:
  18. Done and Done been smoking all day after work yesterday too. ;) I got today off so an all day smoke fest is in order today in honor of this great holiday.
  19. Packed a bowl, bout go blaze it in 15 minutes :)
  20. 8 more minutes:hello:

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