Anyone going to Phish shows?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by aaronman, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Trying to get Jones Beach and Mansfield...

    anybody going? :smoking:
  2. I was at fenway and first night of jones beach, and seeing em on friday at jones beach again. they're playing really fucking well. a little rusty, getting lyrics mixed up and such, but overall the music is amazing.

    plenty of drugs in the lot for sale (of course), i picked up some ganja icing on tuesday. nice stuff.

    enjoy the shows man!
  3. my two friends are seeing them at bonnaroo, it's going to be ridiculous haha.

  4. Hahaha, I am.
  5. Haha, I'm going to look for you in the lots and steal your tix. :devious: If that's you in your avatar I'll just look for a Gandhi shaped man with no skin.

    No, I have no bad blood with you, I'm an asshole with humility.

    How'd you get your tickets?

    I've been emailing craigslist posters for days... no resonses... shouldn't have procrastinated :mad:

    I have tickets to SPAC and The Gorge, looking forward to the Gorge!

  6. I did Fenway, Jones Beach night 1 and Im going to Jones Beach nights 2 and 3... Shrooming tonight so it should be a good time.
    I heard a lot of complaints about sound at Phenway but I was on the field and it sounded incredible.

    The new shit is tight! Im a big fan of Ocelot and Stealing Time From a Faulty Place
  7. wow, are they seriously still being allowed to make noise on stage? I thought they disolved years ago.
  8. seriously?
  9. I used to live a couple of hours from the Gorge and the only place that touches it is Redrocks IMO. Sacred space man...

    Yes they're playing again Busted. They're doing a reunion tour so they can do another farewell tour to set the stage for a reunion tour before they have to do the farewell tour on their way to the reunion tour...
  10. What songs/albums would you recommend to try first?
  11. I'm very curious, what kind of noise do you listen to?

    I used to live in Boulder so I would go to Red Rocks often. Glad to know the Gorge is comparable in awesomeness... I hear the weather is peculiar there though, scorching during the day and freezing at night? :confused:

    Studio albums: Junta, Lawn Boy, Billy Breathes

    But live is where they really shine:

    Check out: Live 9 , Live 16, and "A Live One"... New Years 1995 is classic.
  12. Just got home from Jones Beach.

    It was amazing. Trampolines out and all. Gotta love these guys, still writing ridiculously intricate new stuff. Pluss 99 percent of the crowd was blazin,

    also i recomend listening to some stuff on farmhouse, ie farmhouse, fee, heavy things. They will really get u into the band. I dunno tho just phish around. haha. I'm still toooo high

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