Anyone go to the Indoor gardening expo in SF?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gardenablaze, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. I personally thought it was better last year
  2. I heard it sucked big time this year. Absolutely no one seems to be saying anything nice about it and I heard from a buddy a guy he knew got kicked how because he was talking to a friend of his - quietly and privately - and say "marijuana" and some jerk was eavesdropping and was like undercover security or something.

    Apparently they had a bunch of guys sneaking around listening in on people to make sure no one talked about marijuana and this is in a LEGAL STATE!

    How f'd up is that?

    Glad I didn't go. Waste of money.
  3. I went for the first time ever came up on alot of free samples and other things to try out wasn't bad for a first experience.

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  4. Nice haul!

    That's a tempting reason to go, but I think until they're willing to admit that they support marijuana I'm going to steer clear of their expos. We need everyone to stand up for what is right. History is full of great social changes that were brought about because people stopped hiding the truth out of fear. Sometimes those brave people paid a price, sometimes an extreme price, but we don't remember or respect the ones who hid and waited for the change to bring them the freedom they wanted.

    Celebrities who "come out" today aren't risking anywhere near as much as the first ones did. Years from now no one is going to care if an actor or actress was gay or straight, but the ones who first stood up and said, "hell yes I'm gay, and there's nothing wrong with it" will be remembered for that bravery and will to stand for what's right.

    The same will be true of the legalization of marijuana I'm sure. Future generations will remember the activists. But we'll remember the activists AND the ones too fearful to stand up and admit they're about MJ until after the danger passed.

    FFS, MIRACLE GROW is publicly throwing their hat into the MMJ ring. And Maximum Yield is too scared to publicly admit their expo is about weed?
  5. It seems very obvious when Ur talkin to the vendors what Ur using it for but maximum yield didn't allow advanced nutrients to cone because they openly say it's for mj it's only a matter of time, but in the mean time I gotta alot of experiments to start lol :)
  6. Yea I dont get why they would kick people out for saying marijuana when it is legal in california to grow for medical purposes. I got kicked out of a smoke shop about a month ago for saying the word "bong" instead of "water pipe" and Im a legal medical marijuana patient. To me all of this sounds like a violation of freedom of speech, even for those who are illegal users still have the right of knowledge and conversation.
  7. I get that businesses have to be careful and cover all the bases. But we're talking about Cali-freakin-fornia. They have the THC Expo there.

    No one's getting busted at the THC Expo, which could not be more open and honest about being about marijuana. So why does Maximum Yield still feel the need to hide behind mommy's apron and pretend it's all about vegetables?


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