Anyone get tired of Grasscity sometimes?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Buddeh, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Well, I recently stopped posting on GC for a while because I see a lot of stupid and meaningless posts. Some are interesting, some of the meaningless posts are by me too. I was just wondering, has anyone ever logged on and checked the posts and checked a whole page and just said "Fuck it" and signed off. I see a lot of posts like "Parents found my stash" and stuff. The busted threads are always usually an interesting read, so I always enjoy those. I don't know I will try and stay active, sometimes I just don't know though.
  2. I feel yah man, same thing happens to me. I just don't like to post alot. I usually enjoy just reading what's been going on and the crazy stories. Sometimes it's good to just take a break though.
  3. I feel that way too I guess...I dont post too much...and the stupid threads/posts are annoying sometimes but i guess I contribute a little.
    Its usually just certain people who annoy me on gc that makes me feel like not signing on anymoreg
    theres a lot of assholes around but more cool people so its ok
  4. Sometimes.

    But lets be real, there is always 100+ people on, always a topic to post in and theres always something to talk about.
  5. Just wait till the summer crowd dies down and there will be less meaningless posts.
  6. I havent been here THAT long but for a good while, and not to hate but there are just an influx of new users who dont know how to post correctly or always post the most retarted topics and its just annoying, sorry If Im not typing correctly but im baked :D
  7. I feel ya man, I go on check my favorite forum areas, nothing interest me I leave.
  8. well i am such a fuckin troll i can't help it.

  9. yo i hear you on that. i like the intellectual college crowd and beyond 20+ that remains after summer crowd is gone. more deeper posts and stuff. right now people are just like wow this is a lame sight bye.:smoking:
  10. yeah i get bored of it sometimes, i recently started posting again i stopped for like a month because i just kindof got sick of seeing all the same posts on the city. Now that ive come back i started looking at forums other than the rec and experianced tokers section and its more interesting
  11. Well.. seeing as we are all individual people, of course there are going to be some people that you don't agree with or don't like their topic of conversation. It's only natural. I like the diversity on this forum though. I would never stop posting on GC because of the 'stupid posts', I just keep my attention on the threads that interest me.
  12. Buddeh :O, I thought you died, but yeah, this is the only part of the forums I go on for some reason "/.
  13. :laughing: I'm sorry, but these threads make me laugh. It seems that I've been reading this exact same thread for five years. Everyone looks at the "good ol' days" through rose-colored glasses.
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    .. there did seem to be more quality threads around before the summer.. but i haven't been around long enough to know really, maybe its just in retrospect..idk..hopefully the forum will clean up a little going into autumn anyway :)
  15. Yep. Sometimes it seems like there are only 10 people on GC posting under 1,000,000 different user names. The rest of the time, I enjoy it though. And I enjoy giving my unique input as well. :p
  16. You aren't looking in the right spots, OP. There are good posts and bad posts...the summer always gets worse. Just wait it out and you'll see.
  17. I noticed that too.. But still.. You know when you see a big thread you posted in around your join date. your like, damn, whatever happened to all these cool ass people, in '05 it seemed like everyone was chill as hell.. not a lot of fighting and banning and closing and deleting and moving

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