anyone get the feeling the world is ending

Discussion in 'General' started by idkwatimdoin23, Feb 13, 2014.

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    Dbl post
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    People are not a reflection of the physical state of the actual world we live on.
    Sooner or later people will die off, kill each other off, succumb to disease, or famine...The world will likely still be here long after that. :cool:
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    ya I meant the world as we know it. Didn't need a jerk off response. Thanks though. It just seems to be happening now. I even feel women in sunglasses and Mercedes can sense it these days. Its just come apparent to me lately or am I going crazy
  4. It's not going to end.  People have had end of the world feelings and theories since forever. 
    Here's a nice little docu I watched about population and has some positive things to look on the future for a change. 

  5.  Its been ending since it began. so is life.
  6. There is no beginning or end. Such is life. =P
  7. [quote name="ocire3500" post="19517939" timestamp="1392323791"]There is no beginning or end. Such is life. =P[/quotebeginning is incomprehensible
    we wont know til we get there.
    That was hardly a jerkoff response. :cool:
  10. I feel we need another age of enlightenment type movement to survive as a species. But we have too much interest in....well you know.
  11. blame it on your mother fuckin cool glasses haha 
  12. not really but after watching tree after tree come crashing down because of the wind yesterday and all the floods around and shit kinda made me half think it :/
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    I don't think the world exists. I think you are all in my imagination. Ergo, I could end all of you anytime I want. 
  14. I'm so happy,cause today I found my friends....they're in my head.
  15. Yeah i think humanity is eventually just gonna die out for the most part and only some small groups of humans will remain and then they will rebuild and it will happen all over again until the fucking earth is dead. I don't know if this makes any sense, but *Bubbles voice* I'm FUCKIN baked boys.
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    another? there was a first? are you claiming all those good vibes the hippies sent out were helping the world?
  17. Nah man, we need another Scientific Revolution and Era of Good Feeling. 

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