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Anyone get sick of bragging?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Veggietales, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Even on this website, people always feel the need to brag about how much and how often they smoke in a week.

    It's no wonder people give us a bad rep, we even call ourselves stoners.

    sorry if this doesnt make sense im so high right now :smoke:

    ^hate that too

  2. Any type of bragging is annoying, but the worst is the guy who always has better weed than you but never actually has it on him. The dude who, when you offer to smoke him up, gives that little sigh and says "Oh no, it's just that I usually only smoke dank." Motherfucker you can't tell the difference, stop trying!
  3. bro i get these fuckin dank ass nugs for $5 an eighth and $10 a quarter. i can even get a half ounce for $20 of the dankest dank there is it smells so good trichromes ALL OVER then i get pounds for like $100 bro u dont even know i fuckin got the hookup i got the BEST BUD on this fuckin site bro no one gots the dank better than me!
  4. Nope.

    I think bragging is natural, shit society actually supports it.

    Either let it bother you or don't, it's really up to you.

  5. Haha

    Well society is fucked. People should respect the incomes of others. For example I'm a college student so naturally I don't go around buying heads 24/7. It's cheaper to drink than it is so smoke. I don't mind bragging about bud quality nearly as much as when people use being high as an excuse to make shitty threads or making an incoherent sentence.
  6. they say im cocky but i say what it aint braggin motherfucker if you back it up
    -kid rock
  7. Its human nature man. We make ourselves feel better by validating our ego. We do it online because no one can question the validity of what you say...

    Its sad really, I try and stop myself as much as i can but sometimes i slip up.

  8. I hate kid rock, but i love your sig
  9. nah man never get sick of bragging im just sooooo fucking good at it, probably the best.
  10. Agreed, society us fucked. Let's move on.

    It's nice to express feelings of a great deal, but no need to bask in it's glory haha. People over do it.

    I used to overpay my dealer, only when he presents to me first choice of all nugs. I'm not bragging that I got the best deal, but I will brag (once and not online) to my friends that I got first pick lol. I love beautiful nugs what can I say.
  11. Haha, I remember those kids with the "Ghost Dank", I call it that because they brag about having dank ass weed but you never see it, hence, "Ghost Dank."
  12. Lmao if someone ever sighed at my weed before a sesh, I would tell them to fuck off and go smoke by yourself.
  13. I wish people would quit bragging about how much weed they smoke a week, it gets old. Smoking an oz a week is too much IMO anyways, i'll only smoke a dime-dub a week, I don't need to be stoned off my ass. Just like being at the stage of been really energetic and motivated to get shit done. Saving a lot more money then that guy anyways.
  14. Before I was a smoker, I was a gamer.
    So I've grown highly accustomed to people bragging about shit that they can't back up.
    I used to get annoyed. Now, I get amused.
  15. Oh I hate it...especially from pot snobs or glass snobs. In fact I hate brag threads so much I almost NEVER view the Stash Jar forum...and if you post a brag thread in either MMJ or Seasoned I'll delete it regardless of how many responses you get. That shit belongs in Stash Jar.

    What's really sad is that they don't even understand that their shit isn't even all that good compared to what people grow or can simply go down to the MMJ club and buy. And they think it's awesome.

    Of course it's better than "What strain is this" or "Is this a quarter" threads
  16. Fake it till yah make it
  17. "And why does everybody say they smoke more weed than me?
    It's not a race it ain't no contest
    Winner roll the weed up
    Think about that and keep the tree up"
  18. not to brag, but i too smoke a lot of weed in a week. it's a weed forum.. . i hope that's okay to say...
  19. #19 AcousticToker, Nov 29, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 29, 2011
    Haha Veggietales! I remember that shit from years back haha. Gotta love Americanized Christianity. :laughing:

    Edit: ^ Naaaaaaah bro your nugs are sooo airy that aint properly grown! Fuck check them pistils out, pretty much ALL white. Shit, get yourself a better hook up or better growing tips. Jesus.

  20. Veggietales was the shit. Larry the cucumber for life

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