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Anyone get quiet while high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Evilpig, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. A couple of years ago, whenever I was stoned I was loud and obnoxious. Now I've been pretty much permastoned for the past 2 years, and whenever I get high I just get really quiet and don't say much.

    Anyone know whats up? I'm thinkin of takin a month break. I know I can do it, but what will I do when I'm not getting high. I took a 5 day break last week and thats the longest in the past 2 years.

  2. Dude Ill do It with you. I need to lower my tolerance myself. Been taking too much good dank to get me high anymore. Im thinking about quitting for 2 weeks every 4 months.
  3. Seems to me like things have changed for the better.. am I wrong? Is it FUN to be loud and obnoxious? I'm not passing judgments but isn't this a good thing?
  4. yeah i've noticed i've had that same change as well
  5. I find that sometimes I start talking without really knowing how it's going to come out so I rush word after word in the hope that I don't loose track of what I'm going to say only for it to seem completely pretentious sounding... just like that sentence I suppose. Other times I'm so self conscious about the potential retardedness of what I might say that I psych myself out of saying anything at all. I do go off on strange tangents though like naming people in movies who appeared in other movies directed by people who worked with other people, etc. It can get mind boggling for those that can't see the chaotic organization in my head. Oh man, time to go to sleep.
  6. I don't talk much at all in person stoned or not... I do all my talking on the internet :D
  7. EVILPIG! My man, where the HELL have you been hiding at, eh? I always forget to hit you up at AIM. You're hidden in my list somewhere. I know somebody who gets quiet when they stoned, he's been like that since the first day he started smoking. It's a chill thing to do, the break is up to you. Wow, sick rhyme.
  8. i wouldn't necessarily say being quiet is a bad thing. when i was younger i was loud and cooky. but i calmed down. isnt that why we smoke weed in the first place? if i wanted to bounce off the walls id go get drunk and dance the night away haha. its a stress reliever and movie enhancer lol.

  9. we should have our own we club :cool::wave::smoke:
  10. Depends on the weed for me. Some weed I feel so fucking stoned I just kinda sit there. Others I feel talkative, motivated, spiritual, and philosophical
  11. Word.:smoke:
  12. OH MAN! Being a nub was amazing. Who doesn't remember their first time getting baked and miss that high like no other?
  13. yeah, but who cares if you're stoned.
  14. precisely senor!
  15. some weed i jst think, off in my own world. Other weed i just say watever im thinking, whether it be offensive or not.
  16. i'm sure that couchlocking indicas can inhibit talking just like they inhibit your ability to reach for the remote control in your lap.

    i actually prefer smoking solo unless i'm at an activity. alot of people get really flaky and loud when they smoke. as a matter of fact, the person i THOUGHT was going to be my new connection invited me in with a couple of friends to vape, then flipped on me for taking too big a hit! fuck 'em!

    that's why i like to smoke alone where i don't talk to myself. i do that when i'm drunk though.
  17. with acquaintences I always just chill, talk, and joke with them. But with my real friends things normally go pretty crazy for a while before we all begin coming down before we smoke again and the cycle of life continues.
  18. When i was new to smokin i was really quiet when i was high. I think it was cus i was afraid of beng loud and obnoxious to the ppl around me so I would overcompensate to the point where my friends would ask me if something was wrong.
  19. depends. sometimes i just want to chill and mellow out but other times i love talking and laughing and shit
  20. I get really quiet. Not because I'm afraid I'll sound retarded either, I just get so lost in my own little world that I kind of forget to interact with people around me. It's always enjoyable though :)

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