Anyone get high off stuff alone?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by skaterdude054, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Chill or not?
  2. depends. if its an upper, than no. if its a downer, then ill do it by myself.
  3. Weed, yes.

    Other things, no.
  4. Yeah it depends. I was all strung out alone on concerta yesterday and hated it. Psychedelics = no problem. I'll kick back in my room and chill, listen to music, watch a movie, write. Maybe take a walk. I'll smoke a joint to myself also, that's fine. Uppers and alcohol, make me want to kick it with women :>
  5. i only smoke weed when im all by myself. no need to be fiendish about herbs. i have eaten mushrooms and been by myself. i usually go find someone to talk to for a little while though.
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    just not stims or uppers. they make u weird when u do them by urself. same wit psychedelics sometimes. ive rolled and tripped by myself.
  7. i'll do whatever drug if i'm by myself.
    unless its something i dont feel safe doing without another person to watch.
    why not ?
  8. the majority of the weed ive smoked in my time i smoked alone.

    opiates ill do whenever and with whomever, but id prefer solitude during.

    i have tripped acid alone a few times and though it can get kinda rough, its worth it. you learn much more about yourself than you would with company.

    i have rolled alone and will probably never do it again. just not fun. all you have is the feeling, and though its a great feeling, its just not worth it.
  9. weed, shrooms, and acid...tripping your fucking nuts off by yourself is an awesome experience...if u can do that confidently then i defnetly recommend it (what i mean is that not a lot of people can handle tripping by themselves)
  10. Sure, as long as it's not uppers. Though I've always wanted to try rolling by myself with a boombox with surround sound in my room.
  11. Depends on the mood
    I've done alot of shit for teh first time by myself
    Salvia oxies dxm k-pins and shit
    I like doing stuff by myself but I also like to do things with others
    It depends on how I feel that day
  12. frequently.

    if its opiates yeah

    adderall no and alcohol no
  13. I smoke weed erryy day by myself

    sometimes opiates too

    tbh as long as your having fun thats all that matters.
  14. smoke dope by myself...better with friends though
  15. what are some things to do when smoking alone?
  16. weed and downers yes. Stimulants like rolls and adderall no.

  17. Really? I think you should check out the apprentice smokers section.
  18. yeah maybe i just figured since the thread was already started might as well ask
  19. I sort of meant that its a really stupid question, even to ask in apprentice forums..
  20. well.. u can fap by yourself.. or u can cry and use your tears as lube ?

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