Anyone from Wauwatosa wi

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Latex, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Heyy what's up just see in if there was anyone else from Wisconsin :smoking:
  2. i'm from Janesville
  3. Man weed is expensive over here or I just have a horrible connect how much do you pay Per g and 8th
  4. umm man im sorry but i dont trust new members...
  5. Thats cool I understand I was just wondering how much you paid
  6. Schwag $25 an 8th $40 for an 8th of dank.
  7. Lucky ass I pay 50 for a 8 of dank
  8. Yah i get good deals for wisconsin i guess. I buy an 8th of schag to get through a week.
  9. I get very good deals on schwag when I find it I can get 30 for 6gs
  10. Ill have to ask for that then. $5 a g of schwag is fair. a g is like 3 bowls for me though. then again i get high off a bowl.
  11. i used to live in wauwatosa. i was just there the other day actually. now i live in appleton wi :b
  12. I'm goin to state fair sun ima try n pick some up there even tho it's pre sketch
  13. Nah man don't just buy from random people. Get a straight connect.
  14. I'm like dry tho I was only gonna buy a gram to get me though the weekend
  15. Ah well i wish i could help you out but i cant. Im winnebago WI btw
  16. It's all good man I'll just find someone it can't be to hard
  17. It's cool to meet other wisconsers though.
  18. Hell yeah I can't wait till I get some dank cause I've taken a tolerance break so it's gonna be nice

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