Anyone from Washington??

Discussion in 'General' started by Blu_Dr@g0n_B0nG, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. Hey I jsut signed up on this forum this morning and already i like it. I was wondering if anyone on here was from washington state. reply back if so
  2. reppin south end seattle holla
  3. Im not from washington, But live in northern portland, so im damn near there. =) Hi

  4. Us west coast smokers gotta have a party....Just go on a phatty road trip down I-5 (we'll let Jada drive since she just got her liscense :D)

    oh yea where's 420girlie? i know she live right close
  5. I'm around, but you gotta find me ;)
  6. Well thats surprising, more then a couple of peepz. I live south of seattle aswell, in federal way, any of you guys got some good smoke??? Things down in the south end have been a little on the parched(dry) side.
  7. I used to live in Federal Way, I don't miss it. You should take trip out here on the old I-90 and smoke it up with this Girlie. Do you go to school there?
  8. man i got sum bomb u can choke wit me an hook it up

    btw fed way got sum HOES!
  9. ya im from federal way just moved here not to long ago, dont know to many peeps here, just know where to get the green, thats it
  10. the stoner is form here too huh??
    Tight, I'm from the twin lakes area and goto highline. Anyone else goto school here??
  11. What a coincidence. I don't know anyone who goes to highline now, but two of my cousins recently graduated from there.
  12. we got 4 people (maybe more...but they're jsut hiding...behind the couch) i think thats plenty for a circle (square)...can anyone say smoke-a-thon?

  13. No, but I can spell grounded ;)
  14. anyone live close to lakota?
  15. right down the street
  16. youll find me 2 days north of bellingham wa if you take the ferry up to alaska

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