Anyone from UT?

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    Hey there! Just got some bomb S.L.H. (sativa), looking for like minded friends and fellow cannabis snobs to taste/experience this fantastic strain. It'll cost you nothing but some good vibes. Ogden area, seems like the crowd out here is less "nug phriendly" than in SLC (although I was by the U back then) but maybe it's here and I don't know it?

    Lemony goodness will ensue, free HBO and computer games! lol
    Taken with my phone, so the quality of the picture sucks, but the bud is killer. Very sweet, uplifting etc...

    Super Lemon Haze Strain Information
  2. No, there is no one in the area anymore...Initially they moved north into Wyoming but then the invasion overtook the Idaho/Wyoming border forcing massive evacuations east towards the Colorado Rockies.

    We've built castles and other fortifications along the mountain shelf's but we're in dire need of rum...Bring some rum.:coolalt:
  3. How much weight are you looking to move?
  4. Not really looking to move any of it. Just came across an oz by chance and wanted to share the love, plus meeting new people never hurts.

    I just absolutely LOVE Super Lemon Haze, I think it's probably my top 3 Sativa strains ever. Perfect "daytime" or wake and bake strain.
  5. I'm going to bump this until my dying day :D
  6. Which may be a while...
  7. Hopefully not

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