Anyone from UK?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by weedski, May 12, 2010.

  1. Any oudoor UK growers? The weather's been shocking just recently; I planted a few beans in the woods during the april heatwave, and now the buggers have damped off becuase of all this rain and frost we've been getting recently. Anyone else having problems with the annoying British weather? :mad: :p
  2. I'm in Ireland, got a few autos outdoor atm. The weather's been decent over here since April really. It's been cold but sunny most days; I just put the plants in a plastic greenhouse at night. What strains are you trying outside?
    I got Red Dwarf, White Dwarf, Barneys Flower Power, Russian Rocket Fuel.

    I had RRF and Short Stuff #1 in some old compost/perlite and they got fucked up and stunted, dunno if they'll make it at all. I just want some pollen off one of them.

    I was gonna try a Lowryder 2 guerrilla grow in a field but managed to drop the seed in the grass XD I covered the area with some compost and watered, so I hope it pops up somewhere I can find it and move it. I planted a fem Lemon Skunk in the LR's hole instead, dunno if it'll finish here, but I'm not gonna take care of it, just let it do its thang.

    1000th post! :bongin:
  3. Congrats on the 1000th post! Had two Lowryder #2s out but they both damped off because of this shitty whether we've been having recently, so I'm waiting for the weather to pick up again so I can stick some Lemon Skunk and automatic blueberry out. Hope you do find that seedling, I've done a similar thing myself! :smoke: :D

    I definately think autos are very handy in the UK because of our terrible weather, have you had much experience with them?
  4. DNA Lemon Skunk? I got it as a freebie, when do you think it will finish?
    I read somewhere that Blueberry can be very picky about nutes, too much or too little and they'll let you know!

    This is my first try with autos, I was hoping to make some seeds with the RRF and SS#1 but they're fucked :(. The one thing I figured about autos, they stretch their taproot downward very quickly, so shallow pots aren't much use. Start them in the pot you wanna finish in.

    Oh I had a White Dwarf outdoor last year; it was potent but the buds were really thin and small, I must have been doin something wrong.

    What soil are you using? I'm trying B+Q multipurpose and some vermiculite

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