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Anyone from the Vancouver BC area? I have a few questions!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fawcettinc, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Last year in Nov. I visited Vancouver BC on my way to Whistler BC. While in Vancouver, I talked to a few locals that told me about a secret shop that sold cannabis at a good price for decent herbs. I am going back in mid Dec to snowboard in Whistler. I was wondering if anyone knew of anymore of these secret clubs and if anyone would be interested in sharing? I will tell you where the one is that i found if you tell me of one!

    I just dont want to get there and have the one secret club i know about to be shut down~ I could never find anything decent just walking around asking peeps. Please Message me or post to help me out! Thanks for your time!!! Happy Smoking~[​IMG]
  2. dude just go to the amsterdam cafe. its close by stadium station
    they got weed but its pricey good shit .
    they also got everything
    they also got mushrooms and other psychedelics.
    they also got a vape lounge that costs like 2 bux a person i think.
    its not really a secret club. cops know its there but dont really do anything cuz its emery's i think.
    personally i get my bud from dealers cuz its reletively cheap ($30 fo an 8th etc....) and its usually kush or close to it.
    oh one more thing, if your a cop go to hell and if u aint well keep on tokin bro and show sum vancity love.
  3. The Amsterdam Cafe doesnt actually sell weed right? When I went it was a big no no to ask them about it? am i wrong?

    Could you help me out with a good dealer in the area? Def not a cop, i know wayyy to much about marijuana
  4. If you know so much you'd realize why your questions seem shady.
  5. I live in California and only have been to Vancouver once. I kind of felt like i got screwed last time i came there, bought schwag from some guy on the street, Im use to smoking high grade and potentency herbs, I also went to one of the so called "Secret Clubs" and got regs in my standards. just was asking for some help! Let me know if anyone wants to help, Thanks!
  6. #6 skooma smoker, Aug 15, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 15, 2008
    well im not 100% shure they sell it
    last time i went i was stoned and swear i saw a menu with diffrent strains on it but i must have been trippin.
    anybody know where to get budder?
    ive been wanting to smoke budder for ages.
    the guy who invented budder is from vancouver
    too get good bud u need to know pple here.
    its a shame cuz if i knew u i could get summer killer shit for u.
    wish u luck
    ask around u will find some here in vansterdam

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