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Anyone from the UK?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MajorMan, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. An ounce of good dank from here in London is priced around £200-£250 which is $315 to $394 which you guys will find is pretty much extortion lol,

    Im just curious as to what price you get your ounces for and from what part of the world (even if your not from the UK :))
  2. Portsmouth, an ounce = £140-£180. London has crazy prices.
  3. In New Zealand, an ounce is between 250 and 350 dollars.

    That's 235USD or 146GBP.
  4. A few years back it used to be £180 an ounce, good times... I've lived here all my life so i've gotten used to the price, but daamn if i lived elsewhere id be blazed like 8 days a week :smoke:
  5. £225ish from the southwest, and not usually dank down here, mids if you're lucky. This area is particularly dry, so good herb is usually brought in by tourists and has the appropriate markup. South coast is the place to go if you're in London and looking for a better buy. Only an hour outside of town and much better prices. Hampshire seems to get some good shit too.

  6. Fuck yeah we do! never really had a dry spell round here in a couple of years. Always been able to get bud, always :D

  7. Stop rubbing it in, Weedy McWeedWeed...

    It's so dry here the college students are actually getting work done... ;)
  8. Im from hampshire too
  9. Im in college now, and i go pick up every tuesday, it's pretty much ritual for the the past year or so now :cool: but i just lost my job, and i'm not getting anymore bud untill get another job, and jobs are fucking hard to come by :(
  10. aww sweet :) where abouts man ?
  11. Bloody rip off down in Kent, pay around £200-250 per oz depending on how shit it is :D I've got a friend in Hampshire, near Aldershot, but he doesn't smoke.
  12. £400 for 9oz of good Mids/standard.

    £180 for 1oz of peng.

    East Midlands here lol
  13. Near Salisbury
  14. I'm up in Scotland. Any other Scottish folk should PM me to get a smoke sesh going ;)
  15. I'm from Ipswich and it's about the same as london prices (£200-£250)
  16. yay! hampshire smokers!

    i think i've been extremly lucky with where i;ve lived and the weed. my parents live in hampshire (new forest), and theres always been awesome weed. very rarely is there a dry spell either!

    i'm currently living in swanse, and this place is full of weed - almost every smoker i speak to has a different dealer! its mental.

    as for prices

    an Oz is around £200-£220 in swansea, no idea what its like back home as i rarely buy more than £20-£40 worth when i stay at my parents.

  17. Nice town man, heading over your way soon, good to hear I may be able to pick up some. Do you get dank?
  18. london town is well expensive. I moved to cairo a few months ago and we get loads of hash compared to my usual 20 bag
  19. £400 for 9 ounces of mids seems pretty decent does anyone else pick up 9 ounces at a time? seems like something i should do after my exams :smoke:
  20. Cool to see other british tokers here :)
    from where I am it is about £160 on the ounce for mids, about £220 for the highest of grades. I'm in the west midlands though, pretty far from londinium.

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