Anyone from the midwest order from attitude

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by DrGreentounge, May 8, 2011.

  1. ^^^^^^^^^Did you search the trackin number at all^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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    Haha sorry bro. Doesnt it feel like the day before xmas..terrible anticipation lol
  3. Just got mine today, they were processed on May 1. You will probably be seeing yours soon
  4. my package still isnt here, hoping for tomor, its a sad day in my household today
  5. Have faith! They will b there. Mine even updated when it got to the local post office the day before delivery!
  6. ok, so i got home from work yesterday and my beans and tshirt where here waithing for me, i started to germ them lastnight and as of today they are starting to sprout a lil bit, im so excited. also, does anyone know if the dinafem freebie beans are fem?? I was thinking i was only getting one Dinafem freebie bean and got 3. So its always a good thing when you get more then your exspecting
  7. And all my seeds sprouted!!!!! Im so stoked!

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