Anyone from Pennsylvania?

Discussion in 'General' started by aceofangels, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Just looking to get to know all the people from Pennsylvania and was wondering what kind of stuff they can find around here?

    Im in the AMAZING /sarcasm </sarcasm> city of Du Bois. I cant for the life of me find anything but schwag/shitty mids around here. I have only had 1 kind of headies once and it smelled like a skunk was in my house no matter where you were.

    Is PA crapper for buds? Or do I need to go to some of the bigger cities>
  2. Im 45 min from philly and I have no problem finding good bud.
  3. i go to school in philadelphia. plenty of good bud around.
  4. Im going up to philly in october. Is it easy to find good bud up there if I dont know anyone?
  5. I live in the Susquehanna Valley, and I can find really nice mids just fine.
  6. ive been offered weed from strangers on south street multiple times. id be careful doing that though. theres also several culture shops along south street that sell pieces. ive become friendly with one particular shop owner and hes offered to sell to us. ive never bought from him but ive smoked it and id say it was "good mids." unless he recognizes you i doubt he will sell to you. but check out south street, regardless. always a good time.
  7. pittsburgh area, theres nugs around, but there not godly or anything like u see some blades posting on here, just some regular ol dank, not worth payin double for in my book, doesnt get you twice as high so why pay twice as much
  8. Reading i can get some really good weed like top notch all the way down to schwag depends who i go to

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