Anyone from Oregon??

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  1. I have been planning on moving to Alaska for about a year, but the cost of living is worrying me.

    I then thought about California, but the cost of living again.

    Then, I came across a thread with an individual saying you can have 6 mature plants growing and 12 clones in Oregon.

    I looked it up and sure enough if you have a medical license you can grow.

    So Im packing up my bags......

    I have been to Oregon a lot, and I love it. its beautiful.

    I was just wondering if anyone has any testimonials with Oregon's medical program as far as ease and all of that, or about the growing scene in Oregon at all?
  2. Yeah, Oregon here. You just need an oregon doctor to sign your papers for your medical card, then you can grow. I grow, I know lots of people who grow and it's a very cool, laid back scene around here. Look to smaller towns on the coast for a real taste of what this state is all about. Most of the state is pretty laid back about small amounts. Just a ticket, although it depends on the county. The big thing right now is getting rid of all the meth dealers, users and cooks, so they've really lightened up on us stoners. I'm native and besides BC, I can't think of anywhere else I would want to live.
  3. Awesome man, sounds like a piece of heaven to me. I agree BC would be amazing, but I am studying abroad so thats not realistic for a few years unfortunately. Vancouver would be a nice play to end up.

    So no fees amigo? thats a deal.

    I am very into the small town atmosphere, Portland isn't exactly my thing.

    The coast is beautiful in the winter. Ill definitely take your advice to heart
  4. oregons tight, where specifically did you want to move?
  5. Yeah, there's a fee. The government has to get their cut, right? But only 150. That's pretty cheap in the long run:hello:
  6. i have some friends that live in portland. he says the bud is cheap as fuck and dank.

    gotta visit sometime..
  7. oh you gotta love oregon, i dont think i will ever leave this state and if i do it will be to a different country
  8. I was thinking about Bend or there abouts, any input? I havn't spent too much time there but my fiancee loves it so why not right?

    Definitely cheaper than bail:cool:

    Yah Im definitely scoping out other countries, or atleast Alaska and thats pretty close to Russia haha
  9. Bends kinda big though huh? 80,000 people jeez
  10. originally im from adrian oregon...population was 150...beat that =)
  11. outerbanks huh?? quite a bit bigger now haha
  12. haha definitely...glad i got the hell outta offense i still love the beaver state lol
  13. North of bend is Hermiston, LaGrande and Pendleton. Not as big as Bend, but still pretty good size (15,000). Not that it matters, and I'm not saying ANYTHING, just posting information (so no one get pissed) Hermiston has alot of mexican-americans, pendleton is mostly cowboys and LaGrande is college kids and loggers.
  14. I have friends in Medford and family and friends just outside of Portland. If I could find a job there I'd split in a heartbeat.
  15. Hey man Im in AZ too. Hate the desert as well or what? Its a bitch having no humidity here man....
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    eugene bro this city is so great, not a whole lot to do somtimes but if you plan on growing theres a huge clientel base. its where its at, fuckin everyone here smokes and the sheer number of glass blowers keeps quality glass pretty cheap

    i just wish the proposition passed to allow us some dispensaries =/
  17. The lack of humidity is actually good for me because I have a severe mold allergy. However, I can't stand the desert landscape. I can't get spiritually connected to it. The trees here are angry and the shrubs are bitter fucks.

    I miss the redwoods something fierce.
  18. Word but dispensaries always fuck things up for people. The owners don't do that well of a job (atleast in Super High Me) making the dispensaries look really legit, such as unpainted walls. I mean I guess I'm picky.

    Yah man I'm not planning on slinging. I might become a caregiver so I can grow more than 6 adults. I want to smoke a qp a month and if I sling that's not possible. It's not possible to smoke a qp a month in the barry place either. I'd honestly rather smoke people out. All I spend money on is weed anyways, so why sling if I grow?
    sorry for rambling man it's the blueberry:D

    but yeah Ill check Eugene out on city data Im pretty fuckin bored. Might hit a bunch of these towns people are recommending up this summer. Hows real estate bro??
  19. I feel you dude!! Im from the east originally and got fuckin sucked out here for a few years when I was younger and I'm still trying to get everything planned for the move up north. I miss real weather and leaves and creeks and stuff. Out ehre its like dry gulch canyon or what ever and thats a great description man hahah angry bitter fucks
  20. I'm in Southern Oregon, the Medford Area. And I have to say, Don't come to medford. It sucks. Period. Bunch of Crackheads running around. Head to Ashland, It's more of a hippy/college town (Friend got a ticket for weed, but the judge dropped the case just cause it was just some bud lol!). I fried there on 4th of july.. It was amazing. While frying I got offered a bunch of drugs lol.. So that's definitely the place to be

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