Anyone from Oregon?

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  1. I am new to the site. I am a medical card holder, legal user in the state of Oregon. :wave:

    I have Lupus and constant spasms in my upper back and shoulders. I take pain meds, stomach meds, depression meds, neurontin, and use marijuana for pain relief and for relaxation. I am a daily user and have a certified grower. I do not have to pay for my medicine as long as I don't go over the 1.5 oz I get free each month.

    The Lupus is beginning to effect my lungs, so I try not to smoke it, unless I'm out and about, but try and vape it mostly. I am interested in cooking with it, but so far, all the edibles I have tried have not worked for me. I'm wondering if it's because I've had my Gallbladder removed and have terrible digestive issues, mostly because of all the meds I take, and I also take Protonix, which inhibits my stomach from making acid, so I'm thinking that's why edibles don't work for me.

    I would welcome a discussion on this topic and let me know what you all think. :)

    I have been a daily user for 2 years now and love learning new stuff to try.
  2. Hay man im from Oregon welcome to the city

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