anyone from oklahoma?

Discussion in 'General' started by baw3187, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. t-town here. anyone?
  2. i rep the 918
  3. i just moved to south side okc. i'm orginally from m-dub. :)

    t-town as in tulsa, righ?
  4. Repping the 405 here. :hello:
  5. 918, lol i think i know who you are lol
  6. all bout dat h-town
  7. im drunk man, sorry lol,
    didnt mean to hi-jack your thread.
  8. you guys ever have problems finding the dank?

  9. most of the time, yeah. i'm considering starting to grow my own shit. but i wanna get high NOW! ha ha.
  10. I rep the 918 as well, just saw this thread, didn't think an tulsans would be on here. Nice surprise! :D
  11. Also reppin the 918 in Ttown and yes I have a hard time finding anything dank out here.
  12. I'm in Western OK.

    This place SUCKS.
  13. seems to be dry all over tulsa
  14. I've always felt that Oklahoma was the asshole of the U.S.

    I feel sorry for anyone who has to live there.
  15. Yea really sucks here. Found some kb but at $60-$65 an eighth :mad:
    Or there is always mashed together brown/green commercial.
  16. count yourself lucky, at this point i'd be willing to pay that for anything
  17. wow tulsa suck that bad for bud????? im down in tahlequah an im never short on smoke longest ive had to look was about 4 hours lol
  18. South side of ttown right here.

    And I'm never dry I got mango kush the other day.
  19. Where's the dank at my dude? ha ha.

    I hate having only access to schwag and reggie... but I guess I can't complain too much. :[

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