anyone from ohio

Discussion in 'General' started by frequent flyer, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. if your from ohio say where in ohio your from
  2. lived in cleveland heights for 15 years...moved to NC for 3 years, then atlanta, where i am now...
  3. Not in OH, but not too far from Dayton.... ;)
  4. Ashtabula...:smoke:
  5. cincinnati
  6. Columbus, state capital!

  7. not meaning to grave dig here just thought id pop in and say Im reppin Ashtabula as well
  8. Why do you ask?
  9. Not far.


    Next we'll ask for your addresses, And before ya know it...
  10. :eek:

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    close to dayton, about an hour and 10 minues away from cinci, and an hour from columbus.

  12. Sweet...always nice to find local tokers!! :smoke:
  13. zanesville
  14. Columbus for the months of September to June. For school.

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