Anyone from Massachusetts?

Discussion in 'General' started by xHaze, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. What kind of bud you guys getting. i get mostly headies thats the good shit
  2. theres a social group full of us;)
  3. MADDD of us.
  4. it depends on where you are and whoo ur connect is ive seen super dank all the way to super swagg
  5. i'm going to college in massachusetts next year. can't hardly wait :hello:
  6. I can get my hands on some pretty dank shit. Picked up some northern lights last weekend. White widow, haze, shitload of mids. Pretty much anything if your look hard enough.
  7. Its a tarp!
  8. Mostly good, no name dank. Occaisionally all anyone has around me is headies, which sucks because of the price. Usually I don't have to smoke mids, though.
  9. where in massachusetts are you guys from? im from southern worcester county.
  10. couldnt agree more.

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