Anyone From Los Angeles? Got Any Tips?

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  1. So I graduate high school pretty soon and I currently live in a beach town in florida. It's chill and the bud is good but I really want to live somewhere else, just growing up in one place makes it really boring. I really want to move to Los Angeles and rent a small house with a part time job. Just adjust to the city and chill for a few years. Anyone have tips on why I should or shouldn't live there? Also what neighborhoods are good/bad and what should I watch out for? Thanks fellow blades :)

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    Yeah, move somewhere else
    If you want be in Cali, want goid bud, and what that "lively" feel, then heads around Santa Barbara or Sacramento.
  3. Also, make sure "the bud" isn't actually a reason for moving.
    Unless you need it immediately medically-wise.

    Because honestly, by 2016 and beyond, the good bud will be everywhere.

    Moving is a HUGE decision, there's so many things you need to take care of, and so much stuff/money you'll need to start up. Just make it count is all I'm saying.
  4. You want to rent a house in LA with a part time job? K den!
  5. the city'll chew you up and spit you out if you ain't careful son... I suggest you live on the streets of LA for a few months to scope it out before you rent a place
  6. Don't come to LA. I understand you want to move somewhere else, but you are delusional if you think that is the best place. I live about 20 minutes away, and I wouldn't live here if I had to pay for it.
    The traffic is insane. It's miserable how long it will take you to get from point A to point B in the middle of a week day. The only way is if you can afford rent on a part time job is if you find Oprah, get a job using your tongue to wipe her ass, and overcharge her. Is the bud good? Hell yes. But can you get some just as good in other parts of the state or other states? Probably.
    As previously stated, don't move here just for bud. The cost of living is ridiculous. Plus if you are moving from a beach town in Florida, you are going to move somewhere that is similar weather wise.
  7. Yeah move to Oaksterdam bruh.
  8. Thanks for the input guys! I'd much rather learn now than by getting there, learning the hard way, and becoming homeless within a few months. I'm trying to approach this as open mindedly as possible. One reason California appeals to me is how culturally diverse it is. It has all these neat little niches. Here in florida everyone is either old, super right-wing Jesus 24/7 or a redneck. I just need something different. Any ideas?

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  9. A lot of people with this idea end up not realizing the cost of living in CA and how impossible it is to find a job especially with no relevant job experience, at your age too. Try making it living in the hood in a 1 bedroom apt paying 1400 a month for rent while making 1200 a month at work if you can find it. If you want CA, try Bakersfield or northern CA.
  10. I've lived in some goddam shitters in my LA time most for the Cost of renting a whole house elsewhere in the country.

    My mom was born in Idaho and she just can't comprehend why I struggle with what I'm making..

    I make 1600 a month right now and split a 1200 rent with my roommate and I have a dog I have to pay for and it's STILL not easy. I have to budget like a motherfucker.

    Basically after rent and utilities and the rest of my monthly costs I have about $500 to live on for a month.

    Which sucks when Gas Is 4.30 a gallon..

    The food is expensive. And my car is constantly having something.

    Basically when I get a speeding ticket (which I get roughly once a year) it sets me back three entire months. Three goddam months of basically living on ramen cause I have to use all my money to pay the state l

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  11. Sucks to hear that man. Really starting to think twice now. I just can't think of anything as chill as Cali except for Colorado fosho'. I could head down to south florida but it's just a tourist trap down there and the old people just get worse and worse the farther you go down. Florida sucks man. What's your opinion of the San Diego area or Oceanside? The housing prices seem to be significantly lower in certain areas. My father lived there for about a year in his younger months. But he didn't even have to pay for anything! Perks of being in the military I guess.

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