Anyone from Finland?

Discussion in 'General' started by Amadyia, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Hey, im Venla, 18 yo and i am from Finland (uusimaa area).
    Newbie stoner and i would love to meet new people since i dont really have any friends who would smoke. So i always end up smoking alone while playing videogames, and its pretty boring.
    Girls or guys, fin/eng, no matter what race or sexuality or what fucking ever.

    I just wanna hang out with a good company ;-(
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  2. Welcome to the City
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  3. Thank you! :love-m3j:
  4. Hi Amadyia
    just wanted to say welcome to GC.
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  5. Welcome to GC girl it's great to have you here.

    I love to play video games too! Which ones do you like the best?

  6. Welcome. I am not from Finland, but I am curious, what is it like there?

    Climate, weather, people, terrain?

    I don't hear much about Finland, you guys seem to stay below the radar, not a bad thing!

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  7. Hell yeah people from Finland are cool as shit

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  8. Weather is darkness, cold and wet like 6-8months a year. Summers are super hot with small nice breeze OR rainy and cold wind. Im not sure about summer, it is what is is. But its not dark on middle of the summer.

    On Helsinki people are normally really busy and maybe rude. But still people are silently nice to others. Keeping a door open for a stranger. They may not say 'thanks' or 'you welcome' to each other, but inside their hearts... they thank the other person.

    And we might be silent, but once you ask help, we do help. And once u let to know us, we never shut up. If you talk to us randomly in a bus, we do answer and try to be polite. But we are weirded out since we havent got used to it. And we do remember you a week after that happens.

    I love finnish people, as a strangers, but i dont come along with them very well. And still i am here trying to meet finnish people.
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  9. yeah we are pretty cool, atleast i am. :pimp:
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  10. Heyy! How are you?
  11. Super hot, what is super hot to you? I didnt think it got hot there but I am learning

  12. I'd love to go and check out the fjords.

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