anyone from europe ?

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  1. if so where are you at and whats up ! :smoke:
  2. im originally from spain but my parents moved to america when i was a young boi
  3. well i'm in denmark you americans probably don't know it. it's small as fuck.

  4. denmark is like the canada of europe ... but not size wise
  5. I wonder if that's a good thing.

  6. i think it is ... its chilled out .. canada is like a more relaxed america ...
  7. true that :) where are you from? uk?
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    How is that?
  9. from romania, but i move a lot..
    currently in canada lol

  10. how is what ? canada more relaxed than the us ?
  11. i bet you are freezing your ass of but i hear it's a beautiful place.
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    Yes sir
  13. less people, cheaper weed, dunno man .. just got a much chiller vibe from canada than i did from the US ... maybe i haven't seen enough of the us to have a good opinion of it .. but from what i heard other people say and from the little i have visited thats the vibe i get ...
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    I feel ya, there weed ain't no cheaper though. $5 dank grams, but not everyone is a med patient... Canada does seem chill about stuff though, I'd like to visit someday.

  15. lol california sounds good too ... i would definately like to see cali :p
  16. theres a lot less people in america than europe
  17. Im from Norway! I live in a town pretty far north. Aurora borealis, dark all winter and sunny all summer :)

  18. fuck, nice location i would love to chill there for a winter, i hate the daytime........
  19. im from Sweden.. and no its not the same thing as switzerland :D
  20. I'm from UK...does that count as European?

    Ah I dunno. It's nice to see people that aren't from America or Canada here :) (no offence Americans or Canadians :D )

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