Anyone from Achen in Germany?

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. I'm not but ARE YOU????
  2. Yes but at the same time you also claim to be in australia as well, to be all twelve star signs and to have invented the cheese mould.
  3. I was born there why do you ask?
  4. satire is wasted. I just think it's funny that people always ask "is anyone from this obscure part of nowhere?" and then the posts just sink. Achen, I thaught was obscure... apparently not...
  5. please tell me that its pronounced aken...that would make my pathetic day
  6. I actually met a kid on here from my little tiny ass town in the middle of nowhere. It happens. I actually even smoked with the kid one time but I didn't know who he was.
  7. well sort of... the "ch" is pronounced like you are clearing your throat- only softer so it's arrrh-hen

  8. Did your plan fail? I thought you were gonna be all fuckered up.
  9. fuckered up? live close enough to my house that we could smoke out together...we should make a date of it..ill bring along the ICM and my birthday suit..and you can show me around town!! WE CAN WHISTLE AND SKIP DOWN THE SIDEWALK LIKE STONED PALS!
  10. yeah i think its dumb when people ask if theres anyone around where they live! uhhh does anyone here live in western pennsylvina? i think theres a person or two in pittsburgh.
  11. Anyone here Live in Eugene OR?..or anywhere in the willamette valley?..portland?.. salem?.. corvallis?.. albany?.. keizer?.. beaverton? tualatin? oregon city?hillsboro?gresham? springfield? junction city?... babyville?..ok i made that last one up

    im so realy drunk right now
  12. There is a place in Germany is this the place you are interested in?
  13. i wish i was drunk
  14. pardon me mcurry- but I had forgotten the correct spelling since my year 8 school trip to AAchen.

  15. You should totally come up here so I can show you first hand how much better Washington is than Oregon ;)

    p.s. Don't tell him I said this but I think the ICM would be good in the sack ;)

  16. LOL.......

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