Anyone fluent in Hebrew?

Discussion in 'General' started by junkheadrev, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Didn't know where to put this.

    I just started Hebrew lessons today and I have made it as far as Aleph, Beyt and veyt and a vowel sound.
    I downloaded several Israeli radio apps on my phone so I could get comfortable with the language
    and Ive been watching videos on youtube all day as well.
    just ordered a basic Hebrew book and I'm going to write in Hebrew as much as I can.
    Im also recording myself just so I can hear myself speaking .
    I'm just wondering what else I should do .
    Is there any language programs worth buying that aren't hundreds of dollars?
    I refuse to shell out $200 dollars for a Rosetta Stone pack.
    Any suggestions?
  2. props, dude, that is a tough language! my mom's an israeli so i learned a bit here and there when i was younger.
    what you're doing with free resources is a good call. i'd also suggest you check out any local community colleges and see if they're offering a part-time course or a night class or something. in-class language learning is always the easiest for me. good luck!
  3. 3 words in one day? Is it that hard?
  4. Some university/college libraries have computers equipped with Rosetta Stone software.
    Problem with that, is that I assume they'd have more common languages.
    Hebrew isn't a prominent language to be learned by many Americans.

    *Cough cough cough weeze cough*
  5. I'm fluent. It's my first language.

    Are you trying to learn to speak and read, or just speak?

    It's a difficult language grammar wise. My best suggestion would be to learn the sounds of the aleph-bet, pick up a Hebrew Torah, and start sounding stuff out. Read an English translation alongside it to learn the morphology.

    There are several "teach yourself" books that come with CD recordings that you can pick up at almost any bookstore. I don't have experience with them so I can't recommend any
  6. No, but I read in an article that "kaneh-bosom" translates to "Cannabis."
  7. [quote name='"thestonedstoner"']No, but I read in an article that "kaneh-bosom" translates to "Cannabis."[/quote]

    Perhaps. It literally means fragrant reed.

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