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Anyone find the perfect medium for toking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skatealex2, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Hey Blades,

    I've been blazing for a decently long time and over this year its been on a nightly basis but I like the psychedelic properties of weed and don't like being dependent on it for sleep.

    I'm wondering if anyone seasoned tokers have found a better schedule then blazing every day. Should I try once every two nights?

    Also I think I'll use melatonin or something on my non blazing nights, but this is just an idea because I haven't had success with a non daily toke schedule. :eek:

    I was thinking about taking a tolerance break but I feel like after the first smoke all my effort will be pointless (other than the money I save).

    Another idea is that maybe I should just smoke literally like one hit a night to help me relax and only blaze big amounts on nights before I dont have to wake up on time for work ...\

  2. crazy, i think im in the same position as you. Ive been smoking a shit ton daily for a few years and im at the point of my life where i probably should be cutting backa little bit in order to maintain some sort of functionality at work.

    Ive stopped smoking before work and that just leaves me tired and frustrated, but when im high at work i dont do anything but browse weed message boards, lol.

    Smoking every other day wont work for me, cuz its the high im after, not the act of smoking. I think since ive been vaporizing, that overall ive kind of renewed my interest in weed again. Im gonna try hooking up my volc to my roor as ive seen on the internet, should be interesting

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