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Anyone find it sorta hard to fall asleep while stoned?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kanye T. Swift, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. I dont know maybe because Im a fairly new smoker but I prefer to get high earlier in the day, for some reason when I lay down and Im baked there are so many thoughts running through my mind, I can also feel my pulse, and can almost here the water dripping from the faucet downstairs

  2. It never occurs to me to sleep when I'm high, I'm usually having too much fun to sleep.

    ps. bitchin' username.
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    Thats what makes weed help me fall sleep faster. Im an insomniac and weed just helps ease my tension. If I didnt have weed then I could go days with no sleep. I would be really tired but I could never sleep. I would just kinda close my eyes, but I couldnt really fall asleep.
  4. Its hard for me to fall asleep when im not high
  5. Nah, I sleep like a damn baby when i'm high.. when i'm not high I gotta tire myself out by staying up until about 6am before I can sleep (Been like this before I smoked, so it's not a dependency).
  6. Are you kidding me?
    When I tried going on a T-break I could NOT sleep without it.
    I had to take at least a few hits.
    It's pretty much my sleep aid.

    Oh and BTW - did you really base you sn off that stupid shit that happened last night? lawl
  7. banned over the user name?:confused:
  8. No, his other posts have been deleted.
  9. Actually, I'm so used to getting blazed an hour or so before I sleep it's hard for me to go to bed when I'm not high.
  10. i usually lay in bed 4 at least an hour wen im high but once i fall asleep im gone 4 hours n i feel like a new fuckin man wen i wake up tha next morning or afternoon
  11. To clarify, I don't generally sleep when high but I definitely am out like a baby afterward, when I'm lethargic.
  12. dude yeh like right after a session if i try to lay down and sleep it never happens my mind is always elsewhere
  13. Only smoke a snap or two and get relaxed, but not high. You'll doze off within a few minutes
  14. ive kinda learned to controll it for the most part. i can sleep with or without. although i usually have more intense dreams when i dont then sleep.
  15. i usually pass out on my bed when i smoke
  16. Smoking puts me to sleep and that is alot of the reason i like it but i do have a friend that says that he cant sleep after he smokes but he doesnt smoke that much maybe twice a month.

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