Anyone feel weird buying small amounts from dispensary?

Discussion in 'General' started by osamasmokes, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. when I go to the dispensary I usually just get $5-$15 worth of weed or edibles. Every time I'm there there's always someone buying quarter ounces and hundreds of dollars worth of weed. Idk why, but i feel so awkward buying these tiny amounts.
  2. No because I don't give a shit what people think.
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  3. No. Judging how much money someone has is just stupid and inconsiderate. But I always tip my budtenders
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  4. not weird, but if you are a regular user, buying in bulk is the most common sense, economic thing you can do...
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  5. It's called being insecure. Don't worry you can fix it.

    Seriously bro, think about it what your saying. "I feel awkward because I don't buy copious amounts of weed."
  6. People buy different amounts for different reasons. This is why they sell different amounts. You go in daily or so, and buy a little. Maybe they go in once a month so are buying a supply to last. Who cares? Nobody's judging you.
  7. Eh, it's like going to the store for a six pack.
    I rather get a case though, so I don't spend gas money.
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  8. Just be grateful you can buy legal weed. Theres nothing wrong with buying small amounts at a time.

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  9. I live in a state where it's not legal, you should be grateful you can buy from a dispensary at all instead of having to go through a bunch of people to find out where the loud is.
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  10. I drove a thousand miles to go to Denver and I pretty much just bought grams everywhere I went. I was probable the most annoying customer of the day, but I got to try a little bit of everything and every store I walked into got some money for their trouble. Everybody wins as long as you're spending money.

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  11. I buy a gram or 2 every other week sometimes. No one gives a shit, if they do, they can kiss my ass and buy me sone weed.
    Budtenders stoned probably so I doubt they care. They don't make commission man.

    First world probs
  12. If you feel awkward buying in small amounts the obvious solution would be to buy in larger amounts. Am I missing something?
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  13. I think what OP is trying to say is that maybe his neglected logic is poking at him, prompting him to start this thread.

    Yes it's logical to buy more to get price discount and save yourself gas from multiple trips when one would of sufficed, instead of buying single highs like a crackhead.
  14. I don't shop there but my dispensary doesn't discount for volume. Weird, eh? Here's their prices from a recent newsletter.

    1 Gram $11.43 / 1/8 oz. $40 / 1/4 oz. $80 / 1/2 oz. $160 / 1 oz. $320
  15. That sucks, hate when shop owners are greedy. I won't give them my business.
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  16. Having a range of products with a variety of choices gives the marketplace ample opportunity to cater to the price-to-person relationships that also vary widely. No two people carry the same wallet.

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