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anyone familiar with montreal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by killakay, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Im going there with the fam in a few days. Im not as stupid as to bring weed, so Im thinking of meeting people at bars(Im 18) and then bringing up the subject. It'll be tough to get away from the folks though, so anyone have good recommendations for cool stuff to do/places to eat in Montreal?
  2. Im from the province of quebec and went to a friend's house couple of times and he could get me a zip of some really nice weed ( probably decent dank ) for 150$. So maybe if your going for a quarter i would maybe recommend you to dont buy it over 60$ and i heard too that if you go see the hippies in the plateau mont-royal it should be pretty easy to have a hookup.

    Do not forget the golden rule : Never give the money first.
  3. U can get sets(7gs) for 50. Jean guy is mtl's strain
  4. mtl is great for weed, like the guy said above me, jean guy is may be what you gon get. Kush and jack herrer is also abondant. dont try to approach the crackeheads a t the metro stations, they will skimp you
  5. what are some good cheap bars or restaurants
  6. uhhhh defintly dont go to kingdom , i would say try st-hubert teres plenty of them aroun the town, pretty much alot of the restaurants down
  7. ahah so i didnt end up smoking, just got shitted nightly. but my mom got harassed by a guy speaking french tripping sack. we walked back the same way since we got lost and we saw him running around a park twirling his jacket in the air. his friend was just watching him laughing like hell. then right after a random guy sitting on some steps said yo want some weed? like absolutely unprompted. i said no thanks cuz i was with my mom but i definitely want to go back with friends.
  8. go to mont royal theres a bunch of hippies there on sundays

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