Anyone familiar with bike tires? I messed up my presta valve..

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  1. [ame=]Presta Valve - YouTube[/ame]
    If you watch the video, the valve she talks about is the same one I have on my bike. What happened was, I took off that small brass cap on the tip of the valve and what happened was the screw got lost inside of the tire. What can I do to fix my tire? Should I just take the screw out of the tire or leave it in and put another one on.. Thanks
  2. I guess stoners don't ride bikes these days lol
  3. You'd be better off finding a bicycling enthusiast forum, or just googling it
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    I'm confused lol. I remember something weird happening when I had a flat but I really don't get what your saying when you say "the screw got lost inside of the tire."

    I got presta valves with adapters on em too just fyi

    edit: ohh ok I think I understand now, you mean the lil piece you have to loosen to put the air in you took off..? dude I don't know that that is even supposed to screw off all the way lol.. don't know what to tell yuh..
  5. yeah its not supposed to be taken off all the way. I took the nut off of the tip and the screw part fell into the tire. Ill just take my question elsewhere
  6. Just get a new tube imo, cheap enough.
  7. ^winner

  8. I would drill out my rim to fit a schrader valve, and buy a schrader tube. Presta is garbage, plus good luck finding a pump with a Presta adapter.

    9 years cycling
  9. Naw, presta isn't garbage. While I think it would have been better to just use a smaller diameter schrader style valve, presta is used because the rim hole doesn't have to be as big and that makes the rim stronger.

    What matters is that the valve works and doesn't leak, and I've had good luck using both valve types.

    And good luck finding one? There are tons of pumps that have heads with both presta and schrader.
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    Good luck finding one... Show of hands.. who with a presta valve here doesn't have an adapter???

    ..........................................guess we got some good luck huh?
    I must have the best luck of all.. I got my adapter for free from the bike shop.. I guess the dollar the thing costs isn't too big of a deal to the guy lol

    and how is a valve that weakens your rims better? :rolleyes:
  11. I have 2 presta pumps. One is a quick pump that attaches to my bike frame. The other is a larger foot-pump that has a pressure gauge and both presta and standard valves.

    Presta pumps are everywhere, at least here in the US.

  12. That would be me, because all of my pumps already had dual heads before I even got a bike with presta rims. I'm quite honestly surprised that you have a hard time finding modern pumps with dual heads.

    Presta valves allow a stronger rim than schrader because the presta hole is smaller, leaving more material for the rim. That's why road rims always use presta and why wider rims use either.

    Yeah, the valve nut is a bit finnicky, but it's actually a more simple construction than schrader because there is no spring, only the poppet and the nut. Plus, it's easier to let air out of a presta valve if you have to.
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    ^^ my comments were for Alrex's odd post... wasn't saying that they are actually hard to find or any of the other stuff you seem to have misunderstood ;)
  14. :smoking:I have a presta air pump and a shradar attachment to my air compressor. I just didn't know how to use the damn pump.

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