Anyone experience ghost rape in their dreams?

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  1. It's like when something invisible keeps pushing its way into your butt cheeks.

    Who's gone through this?

    What does it say about my subconscious?
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  2. You might wanna check your windows and doors at night cuz they rapin errybody out here
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  3. That's some fucked up sleep paralysis.
    You might also have a succubus problem.
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  4. Ok I admit it. It's me. But don't get mad and don't tell anyone.
  5. Ghosts can't rape you.
    hide ya kids, hide ya wife!

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     Tl;DR-  Op has a pinworm infestation.</sup>
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    But I don't have any of those symptoms.

    We're talking about dreams with ghost rape, not weight loss or insomnia.
  9. "Ghost rape".... Lmao
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  10. I wouldnt mind a ghost blowjob from a hot female ghost while I slept..
  11. Why wouldn't I rape ghosts in my dreams? That's the only place such rape is possible.
  12. When I lye in my bed I can feel something sit on my chest every night, I feel the pressure on the blankets an watch as something pushes them down on me, then il feel a breeze an itl go away in 10 minutes, scary but I figure t's the ghost wanting to chill

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  13. So this is what your daddy use to tell you as he was fondaling you in your sleep as a child.
  14. If you're dreaming about ghost rape, that makes you a subconscious necrophile.  
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  15. No, no ghost rape...

    However I did recently ejaculate in my sleep whilst dreaming about sucking myself off. The orgasm was MIND-BLOWING, so good I awoke to my own loud vocalization, mid nut-bust.

    I don't usually share my dreams, but I felt it was relevant
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    A wet dream?
    Are you going through a long dry spell?
  17. I suppose you could call it that...
  18. Bill.................Cosby

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  20. You got a succubus problem, bro.

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