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anyone ever..

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Locus, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. ..grown successfully inside their rents house without them knowing?, i know this one kid that tried that and got caught lik two days later haha
  2. Do you really want my opinon, you might not like me very much after that.
  3. sure, im not going to do that seeing as though i still live with my parents and they arent cool with weed but im still interested
  4. Ok you asked for it,
    NO NO NO,
    Its not a good idea, some states are really anal about pot, meaning even if you got past the SMELL they put off and trying to hide all the equipment you might be at WORK someday and if your parents get raided its there ass, look your at least 18 yrs old anyways do on your own dime much safer easier and no one gets hurt but you if things go wrong.
  5. yea good point but i wasnt going to anyway..the stuf i was looking out to get was for a friend but i think im just gona quit looking anyway, too much info for me to handle haha
  6. because of the smell, you really can't do it. If you can get rid of the smell it would work. Like my mom never went in my room, i could of had plants in my closet if i didn't have to worry about the smell. I heard of friends using their parents attic, or garage. its not a good idea though.

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