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Anyone ever wake up in the middle of the night with a strong urge to smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jeff7474, May 8, 2016.

  1. For the past couple of months I wake up around 3:00am and have the need to smoke. I wake up feeling extremely anxious and uncomfortable(still tired) but I have this sense of dread and I just have this feeling of overwhelming uncomfortableness that I need to smoke a bowl to feel I do. I take a hit and a few minutes later I feel better and go back to bed. This is a bad habit I want to get out of. Anyone else have a similar problem?
  2. I always roll a joint to bring to bed I don't always smoke it but I like to know it's there just incase I wake up
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  3. Have you ever tried smoking half hour or so before going to bed?
  4. Only when I smoke crack.

    green crack :pimp:
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  5. Sure, every now and again...

  6. Sometimes. Most of the time I usually smoke about two hours or so before bed. Even If I smoke right before bed I always wake up between 2-3 feeling like crap with the an uncontrollable need to smoke. It's a bad habit I need to get rid of. It's a waste of weed to.
  7. Only when I dream of smoking will I wake up to smoke to complete the dream sequence properly.
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  8. It just sucks....I'm thinking to just deal with it...when I wake up in the middle of the night I'll just stay up and tough it out. I think that might just be the only solution, that way by being over tired the next day, perhaps that will help quell my LateNight early morning anxiety and uncomfortableness....I'm hoping. It's truly a shitty feeling that I wouldn't want anyone to experience.
  9. tbh it's just insomnia. Sleep patterns can be more easily remedied if behaviors are adjusted before sleep. For example caffeine will keep your brain running for hours and make sleep more difficult. Not everyone has the same brain chemistry, but thinking about weed 24/7 will even bleed over into your dreamscapes.
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  10. No once I'm asleep it's over, I'm out until sunrise
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  11. I used to be like this, honestly I sleep better stoned but it was fucking with my tolerance too much so now I just lay awake all night and get real baked in the morning.
  12. There have been plenty of nights where I wake up after smoking for most of the day and don't need to smoke but want to for help falling asleep or just to get high since I'm usually waking up fully recharged after a weed nap anyway lol
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  13. Ill sit there for 5-10 minutes, contemplating if i should try to fall asleep or dab and try to sleep. I realize now it has to be a immediate dab and sleep or fall asleep trying to. sleep. Its always good to load a bowl or something before sleep so if you wake up, immediately hit the weed and bam back to dreamland. No need to waste time.

    but i have never woken up in the middle of the night wanting to smoke. Just wanting to go back to dreamland. Thats the only positive but negative i hate bout weed. Helps fall asleep but screws up REM cycle timing and staying in dreams. Its a risky trade in my life of lucid dreaming ahha.

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  14. I pretty frequently will wake up in the middle of the night, depending if I am still insanely tired I will try to just fall back asleep, but if I am not super exhausted still I will usually smoke a quick bong pack to help get me back to sleep
  15. If you smoke before you sleep you should stay asleep , also I don't see a problem with waking up and smoking and then going back to bed
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  16. Yep and it is a bad crutch. I mainly smoke roaches so I don't waste too much. I notice the closer I smoke to the time I'm going to wake back up I get more groggy. Can't even function without coffee. Tea just won't do the trick. On the bus dying I'm so tired lol. I always sleep shittily on Sunday nights. Probably why people get the Monday blues.

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  17. Im with casperthetokerghost on this. I ALWAYS have my oil pen or bong packed at night, right next to me. I have insomnia n anxiety really bad(keeps me up at night) and i also used to contemplate for couple mins if i should smoke but now i also just do it right away bc my sleep is precious, since i barely sleep already i don't want to mess with losing more hours. I usually only sleep for 4-5 hrs and wake up once during that time. Honestly im used to feeling tired and now convince my brain/body im not tired every day. It eventually gets used to it, sadly. Unfortanitly I cant go a day without mj and if i do i can hands down say that no body would like me. So i save everyone time and patience and medicate hourly.
  18. Nah, then I would never get back to sleep.
    Getting high makes my mind very active and awake, until I've smoked a lot and it's been a few hours then I can crash easy.
  19. Its gotta be the strains your smoking then bc i got bubba kush for night time and im out within a couple minutes if i just woke up but still need sleep i take a puff and right back to dream land.

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