anyone ever used

Discussion in 'General' started by burandino, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. if so does anyone know if it's legit, or how they get away with it?
  2. They are legal herbs, it's not too hard to get away with considering that they are LEGAL.

    It isn't marijuana.
  3. oh shit lol some of it looks like it
  4. I bought something once, don't remember what it was called. Hawaiin something or another. It had th consistency of carpet fiber, smoked and tasted about the same (what I would imagine it to anyway). Sore throat, bad taste, zero buzz.
  5. Is that the shit I see advertised in High Times?
  6. i heard the dude also peddels weed over that site too not sure if the dude was forreal tho

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